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Our commentaries are usually on issues ranging from politics entertainment, science and technology, education, sports and business.

How Talk Parlour Works

We talk about everything fun and everyone crazy or not. World Leaders, Politicians, Businessmen, Celebrities, Musicians, Sportsmen, Sportswomen.

Our Sources

We report what we see and perceive most of the time. Our sources remain confidential at all times.

The Talk Parlour Worldview

Talk Parlour sees news and events for what they truly are – as a mirror of our society, our fashion, our culture, our lifestyle, our music and our social inclinations.

The Talk Parlour Show/The Real Hangout with Jerry D’King

A hilarious but informative show where we review latest world events. We also take a swipe on world leaders and politicians in our POLITRICKS section, rich and famous business people in our MONEYTRICKS section and famous entertainers, celebrity scoops and gossip mostly in our FRIENEMIES section.

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