Okey Bakassi compares BBNaija with Nigerian politics

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Okey Bakaesi has reacted to the eviction of London-based policewoman, Khafi Kareem from Big Brother Naija saying that Nigerians are saving the dumbest and evicting the smartests ones.

The comedian took to his Instagram handle to make a short clip where he compared the eviction show to the way people vote during elections.

According to him, the voting process and choice of housemates among viewers of the reality TV show are reflective of societal preferences and how intellectually deficient people get the votes instead of the smart ones.

“I just finished watching the Big Brother Eviction Show. It’s a reflection of the society actually. How the smart, intelligent, weak, docile, and even the stupid coexist,” the 49-year-old stand-up comedian said.

“It also tells you something about politics and how people vote. Most times, you think that the smart, intelligent ones would be the ones winning. But sometimes, the stupid people have a way of hanging around for too long, even when you don’t like them. That is the reality.

“At the end of the show, if the very stupid one wins, it’s you the voting people. It tells us about our selves, our preferences. So guess who the stupid person is. Your guess is as good as mine.”


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