Siasia weeps as kidnappers refuse to release his mother after paying N1.5 million

Former Super Eagles coach Samson Siasia is in agony as kidnappers in Bayelsa have refused to release his mother despite payin N1.5 million for her release.

Mrs. Beauty Ogere Siasia has been in the kidnappers den for 55 days now having been kidnapped for the second time in four years.

After the payment of N1.5 million was made, the person sent to deliver the money was taken hostage while the 76-year-old Mrs. Siasia remains in custody.

Speaking to NationSport in Abuja yesterday, Siasia said: “The situation is pathetic. Nothing has changed. We paid N1.5 million for her release but instead of releasing my mother they released my cousin’s mother-in-law (66 year old Florence Donana) and also captured the person that took the money to them.

“So as we speak, three people are still in the kidnappers’ den – my mother, the young girl and the guy that took the money to them. I am tired, frustrated and confused. I don’t know what else to do,” Siasia lamented.


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