Meet Tech CEO, Jerry King Nwobodo , A Writer, Poet And Publisher Of

Jerry King Nwobodo is a young enterpreneur that exudes greatness. He founded the tech company JKCOM Group, real estate firm JK Homes, investment management and marketing agency, JKMG World and fast growing website

Here are excepts of an interview with Jerry King Nwobodo.

Tell us about your Background

Ok. My name is Jerry King Nwobodo. I was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. King Nwobodo. I want born in Benue State. In a place called Igumale in Ado Local government Area. My dad is late. He was a business man. My mum is also a business woman.
They just relocated from Maiduguri, Bornu State to Benue State a few months before I was born. Then it was a peaceful place bubbling with energy and without the trouble of Boko Haram insurgency as is the case today.

How was life growing up like?

Life was better back then. I spent my early childhood in Makurdi. My dad was a strict disciplinarian, so was my mum. So you could imagine. There were many rules to follow and the cane followed each time you broke a rule. My dad thought me alot. He thought me to respect elders, to be humble and to have faith in God. He was a pastor at Deeper Life Bible Church in Bornu and Benue in the late 80s and 90s. So you can imagine. Our family was a typical Christian family.
Everything was going smoothly before my dad died. I was eight years old when he died. We had to move into a smaller apartment but we learnt how to cope with the new situation. An my mum was awesome. She provided our needs. In fact she created a situation where we didn’t feel the loss of our dad. Our education wasn’t twarted, our daily needs were taken care of. You can imagine how it was possible for a woman who was a house wife before de death of her husband. It was just God that helped us.

What about your education?

I had my primary school education ECWA Nursery and Primary School Makurdi before moving to Lagos for my secondary school at State High School, Agege (now Progress College).
I studied History and International Studies and English and Literary Studies from the University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Tell us about

I started in my university days at Nsukka. I was really enthusiastic about the internet and writing. So in 2010 I created a personal blog where I wrote some personal thoughts. A few years later In my 3rd year or final year I created I called it ‘Jerry King’s Talk Parlour.’ People started to know about it right from my university days. Even the school authorities had to approach me for a publication when there was a crisis situation between the Vice Chancellor and the University board. They were my first major clients who paid to publish on my blog. I felt encouraged to make Talk Parlour bigger.

So many Bloggers today were motivated into blogging by the success of Linda Ikeji’s blog. Were you also motivated by her success?

Well, it is true that many people are into blogging for the money and they were motivated to start their blog because of Linda Ikeji. Intact there are over a million blogs today in Nigeria that started because of Linda Ikeji’s success. But for me that was not the case.
I started blogging in Nsukka in 2010 while Linda was doing her thing in Lagos. She was not yet big so there was no way I could hear about it in 2010. Even when I started TalkParlour, I had not heard about Linda. I thought I was doing something new till about 2014 when I head of a certain Linda Ikeji blog. I recall I was in a studio working on a production when a sort of argument ensued and one of the producers asked that we should confirm the story from Linda Ikeji’s blog. I used my phone to type in the web address. I can’t remember how that argument ended but that was the first time I heard about Linda ikeji.
Through her I felt inspired that blogging can be a huge source of income so I was encouraged knowing about her success in blogging. I kept visiting her site but I was not impressed with her copy and paste style. As a fresh graduate of English language, I found her writing style very petty and unprofessional. I think she was trying to be as simple as possible. Certainly I didn’t like the fact that she was copying and pasting verberten from other news websites like Dailymail, New York Times, Metro UK etc. In all I admire her because she turned blogging into a mega business.

As we know TalkParlour is not just a blog, so tell us the other things about TalkParlour

OK. Like you rightly said, TalkParlour isn’t just a blog or a news and opinion website. TalkParlour has transcend that sphere. We have TalkParlour Radio, TalkParlour TV with viral shows like Voice of The Streets and The Real Hangouts, Moneytricks, Politricks (A political satire), Frienemies (a comedy show) , etc. We also have iTalkParlour, which is an app that enables everyone to have their say on TalkParlour. TalkParlour isn’t about Jerry King and his team of admins but about you and everyone who wants his/her voice to be heard world over. Through the iTalkParlour app, anyone can post a photo, a live video, a document, an audio clip or a video clip on also our videos and TV shows are available to watch on the iTalkParlour app. We a giving control of the website to the people. TalkParlour is about people and how the society feels or sees things. That’s what we are doing.

Aside blogging and TalkParlour you are also a writer, poet, music promoter and TV host.

Yes. I have written a novel titled “Riplle Effect,” published “Home of the Dead,” “Mad Tributes” and working on many others.

What inspired you to write “Mad Tributes”?

Oh. ‘Mad Tributes’ was inspired by many things. It is actually a long term project that spans about ten years. I stareted writing poetry as a teenager. So ‘Mad Tributes’ was inspired first by love. As a teenager I was fascinated by the feeling of love.
Other personal emotions like anger, depression, hate, etc contributed. As a long term work spanning ten years there are times an emotionional outburst will spur you to write some poetry.
Also, nature played a huge role because at a point in my life, I chose to see myself as a “Naturalist.” I wonder at the wonders of nature and it’s beauty.
Mad Tributes was also inspired by history. Yes. As a historian, I am fascinated at great kings, queens and kingdoms of the past. Great kings like Ceaser and Ptolemy and Queen Cleopatra and the likes greatly inspire me. Coming to contemporary times, issues of deforestation, poverty, corruption and bad leadership features in Mad Tributes.
Mad Tributes is basically a mirror of my honesty opinion about the world. I could be right or wrong but that is how I feel and percieve things.

Can you tell us about “Home of the Dead”

“Home of a Dead” is work born out of curiousity. It is an exploration into life after life. I might not be right about all my postulations but many questions about the human existence and remain largely unanswered.
So in essence I wrote the book simply to seek answers.

Can you tell us about the other things you do?

There are so many ventures which I embark upon that I may not recall to mention here but I will try to remember as much as I can. I have a management and marketing agency JKMG World that takes care of branding, packaging and promotions for artists, corporate organizations and other brands. We have a number of big brands that we work with in Nigeria and internationaly. Also I organize events. Mostly music and comedy shows. I started organizing events right from my University days due to my love for music. I also produce movies and would soon singn artists into my record label.
I’m also into web development software engineering. My company Jerry K Communications (JKCOM Group) handles web design, development of software packages, electronic security systems, computer, gadgets and installations, networking etc. I am also into real estate, hotel and hospitality, health solution and gadgets, chemical production, oil and gas etc.

That’s a whole lot you are into. How to you manage all this together?

I give all glory to God Almighty.

I bet that alot of ladies out there will like to know of you are still single

Well… I am still single. I’m not married yet.

What’s your advice to young Nigerians out there who want to be like you?

It doesn’t end with wanting to be like me. You have to logically itemise what you want to achieve and prayerfully work towards achieving everything on your list. Nigerian youths should realze that hard work pays. They should not by shy of working hard and smart too. Also they should have faith In God. He knows or heart desires and will definitely blessed the works of our hands.


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