Husband confirms Canadian actress, Stefanie Sherk committed suicide

Canadian actress, Stephanie Sherk was found lifeless by her husband at the bottom of their private pool.
Her huaband, Demian Bichir confirmed the death of his wife Stephanie Sherk via a series of emotional tributes on Instagram.Stephanie Sherk, 43, was found unresponsive by her husband at the bottom of their private pool.

Demian Bichir confirmed that his model wife Stefanie Sherk committed suicide while battling depression.He posted four statements on social media, two in English and two in Spanish, in which he confirmed the full details surrounding the death of his beloved wife.He confirmed the coroner’s report has classified her death as suicide and that one of the causes was drowning.A grieving husband, Demian opened up about his wife’s depression which ked to her death.

Writing on Instagram , his post read: “Dear friends, When a young person dies at a hospital in the US, the possibility of becoming an instant coroner’s case is very high.”A coroner’s investigation is then conducted to determine the cause of death so it can be stated on the death certificate. This information then becomes of public domain.”

Stefanie Sherk and Demian Bichir

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner has completed the investigation regarding my wife’s death and have made the results public.”It is with courage, dignity and love for our Stefanie, that we confirm such information.”


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