Isn’t Waje’s situation the reality of many Nigerian artists?

The Nigerian enetertainment industry is no doubt growing, churning out big figures and new stars but and the reality of the Nigerian music artiste is not rossey at all times.  

Last night the internet went agog over Waje’s outburst about quitting music because of her financial incapacity to sponsor music promotions.   

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But this seems to be the fate of many Nigerian artists who do not have the financial warchest to bankroll the promotion of their music. 

Her complains  got the attention of many Nigerians who feel her pain. Seems Nigerians do not embrace her kind of music.  But isn’t Waje supposed to be an A lister? Waje has been in the Nigerian entertainment scene for over a decade and many young artists  may find it very discouraging. 

The fact remains however that the entertainment industry is capital intensive. It requires so much investment running into tens of milions of naira but the advent of social media can be a saving grace for entertainers who can leverage on this medium to promote their content. Artistes just need to be more creative and dynamic instesad of complaining like Waje. Although she made some valid points, Waje shouldn’t quit music. What  love her and she is getting the attention she craves. 

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