Osaze Odemwingie says many African players use ‘juju’

Former Super Eagles striker Osaze Odemwingie has revealed that many Africa footballers believe in juju. The striker explained how he received treatment from a voodoo man when he was injured while playing football.

Thr former Super Eagles strikrer, Osaze Odemwingie was born in Russia but was brought to Nigeria by his parents before he started his professional football career at Bendel Insurance of Benin.

The 37-year-old currently plays professional football in Indonesia revealed how he got injured in training before he was taken to voodo priest for treatment.
He said:

‘I had a fall in training; I also hurt my shoulder and broke my arm. I was afraid to tell my mom so they took me to the local juju man.

”They poured hot water to relax their muscles. Somehow they returned the hand to the place, while I yelled, they twisted some small sticks.

The striker who last played for the Super Eagles at the 2014 Brazil World Cup said:

“There was a rite with a chicken. I came home, my mother saw the hand: “Broke?” I answer: “Yes.” I was taken to a regular hospital, anesthesia was done, and they put the plaster on.”

Odemwingie “said that most African players would rather patronizr juju priests than visit regular doctors.

”At least 70% of players believe in it. They think that some kind of salve will save them. This is more suggestion. Brainwashing goes.

”But three years in Nigeria have been helpful to me. They called me to the Big League, and there my career developed much faster,” he added.


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