Gbenro and Osas Ajibade: Marry a man who will be in the shadows so you can shine – Shade Ladipo

Osas married a loser – Shade Ladipo
My wife neglects our child to party with friends – Gbenro Ajibade
Marriage is not by force – Gbenro Ajibade
Dont marry up or down – Shade Ladipo

Gbenro and Osas Ajibade

Media personality Shade Ladipo has reacted to the drama going on between celebrity couple Gbenro and Osas Ajibade. Following the public outcry by Gbenro, it seems all is not well with their maarriage. She says women should marry men who will stay in the shadows so their wives can shine. Shade also thinks Osas married a looser of a man. 

Gbenro’s outbursts

Gbenro had revealed that his wife has neglected her household duties like taking care of their daughter to attend to other things and partying.

But in a reaction, media personality, Shade Ladipo advised women to marry men who  are ready to stay in the shadows so their wives can shine.

She said:

Usually I do a video but I decided to save you from my ugly mug today

My Musings is about Marrying Up or Marrying Down

While I will focus on Marrying down, in my opinion Marrying Up also has its huge challenges

I’m pained when I see amazing, hardworking and determined women try to be put down by Society, Culture and then by Family

Family in this case is your spouse.

She also advised women against getting married because of pressure from family or society.

Pls do not put yourself under any undue pressure to get married and then end up with a loser who will be threatened every time you breathe.

Your calling is great and the man you marry must be able to take it and run with it

You need a man who understands that he must be your champion on and off the field

A man who is ready to be in the shadows so you can shine

Most women are ready to do this for their men so My dear pls don’t for 1 second think you don’t deserve such

Also pls let me debunk the lies ….

The man who will love you and worship you is waiting for you, don’t allow anyone fool you into believing that your Age or Stage will reduce those chances

Cock & Bull

Your chances are as high as YOU want them

Your self confidence and Self love will attract exactly the kind of man you deserve

There is no Marriage O’Clock and if pikin is your worry then Freeze your eggs or Adopt

Your happiness and Peace should always be Number 1.

Dont marry up or down – Shade Ladipo

Don’t settle for anything less

Don’t Marry Down

Don’t Marry Up

Marry your Partner

Someone who sees you

Someone who accepts you

Someone who wants you to do better than him

Someone who loves you more than himself.

She ends by saying Osas married a loser.  

I always felt Osas was Marrying Down and from that illiterate rant, I was right.


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