Umahi alleges IPOB planning to kidnap 5 South East Governors 

The governor of Ebonyi State, David Umahi has said that, seperatist group, Indeginous People of Biafra (IPOB) plans to kidnap the five governors in the South East.  He raised the alarm on Sunday at Nwaegu Military Cantonment in Abakaliki, Ebonyi state during the official flag-off of Operation Egwu Eke III by the Nigerian Army 82 Division.

He said that the fresh threat from IPOB was received via text message sent to his wife.

He also said that his state was not part of the region which formed the sovereign States of Biafra as proclaimed by the IPOB.

Umahi, who is currently the chairman of South East Governors’ Forum, also insisted that some of the agitations of IPOB members were genuine except that their approach towards actualizing their objectives was bad.

“The GOC you are coming at a time we had note from our brothers and sisters of IPOB sending text messages that there will be no elections and insulting the leaders, particularly the south east governors.

“Just few days back, they sent text message to my wife that the 5 governors of south east would be kidnapped and that their security would over power that of the governors and after ransom are paid, they would kill them and kill themselves.

“As a leader in the zone I must say that some of their complaints are genuine but the approach is very bad, that is why the leaders of south east is not in support of their approach.

“And so, we are not against them but their approach. And as the Chief Security Officer of the state, I do not welcome them. Ebonyi state is not part of Biafra, we are a sovereign state. We don’t want to be colonised again; we are a state demanding better treatment in the affairs of our nation,” he said.

This comes as a justification for Operation Python Dance III, a suppresive milillitary operation in the region that has revieved wide condemnation across the country.

Apart from Gov. Umahi, no other South East governotor has confirmed that the IPOB threatened to have them kidnapped. 


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