How to get a kiss from a Nigerian girl

You’ve found a Nigerian girl you like and want things to get fiesty quickly, these are a few tips to get the ultimate kiss from a girl in Nigeria.

  1. Introduce yourself as the son of a rich business man or an influential politician.
  2. Take her out to dinner
  3. Drop few 1,000 naira notes in her plate after paying for her food.
  4. Take her out shopping and buy her expensive gifts.
  5. Stylishly brandish your account balance especially if it is in six digits.
  6. Promise to buy her an iPone X
  7. Tell her you will be travelling abroad in a few days.
  8. Tell her she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
  9. Then lowly look at her lips.
  10. Bend your head a little to the right and watch her kiss you passionately.

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