Jubril of Sudan and why Donald Trump refused to invite Buhari to Africa Strategy Meeting

The notion that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was cloned has continued to make the rounds globally. There is no gain saying that the Nigerian president might actually have been cloned judging by the manner in which the presidency has chosen to go about the matter – denials and counter denials instead of coming out clean with hard proof.

According to sources within the White House, the US has inteligence on the matter that points to the fact that Buhari was indeed switched with a body double. The only reason this information has not leaked into public domain is that the British has weighed down on the US to soft pedal given the volatile nature of Nigeria fueled by religious and ethnic intolorence. The British warn that this information would definetly spark a revolution fueled by anti north and islamophobic sentiments in Nigeria. Also given the activities of terrorism and growth of extremism in the West African sub region, tensions within Nigeria will spiral out of control leading to futher destabilization of neighboring African countries. 

Although the US has a contrary view from the British, the two agree on prevent the destabilization of the West African region.  This is the reason why the US is distancing themselves from the Buhari administration and actively working towards a democratic solution that will oust the imposter from office in 2019.

 This was demonstrated when  the Senate President and D.G of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council Dr. Bukola Saraki, was invited to attend the launch of the United States of America President, Donald J. Trump’s, Strategy for Africa which will be unveiled to the public today. This was made known in a statement by the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Dr Saraki, Yusuph Olaniyonu, who disclosed that the new United States strategy argues for more effective utilisation of existing U.S. resources on the continent.

With the important role the strategy will play in increasing Foreign Direct Investment and access to new markets especially for the Nigeria economies, it is quite surprising that the incumbent President of Nigeria was not invited to this meeting. This might not be unconnected to the reports that US president Donald Trump reportedly told his aides he never wanted to meet someone as “lifeless” as President Muhammadu Buhari again earlier this year and the fact that global support for the Buhari presidency has continued to wane given the bad economic policies of his administration as well as reports of human rights abuse.

The Trump plan, according to U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of African Affairs, Tibor P. Nagy, Jr, will focus on bringing more foreign direct investment into Africa and is in line with the Legislative Agenda of the 8th National Assembly which is aimed at reforming the Nigerian economy through strategic legislation that will help promote increased participation of private sector actors. Tibor also pointed out that with a renewed focus by the United States on Africa, African countries will benefit from increased investment by U.S. companies and projects that will create jobs and bring higher environmental and business standards.


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