Between Buhari’s “Next Level” And The “Atiku Plan” By Jerry King Nwobodo

If I where to score the Buhari 2019 campaign manifesto otherwise called the “Next Level” plan as an academic presentation, I would score it an ‘F’ because it failled to highlight the challenges facing our dear country or outline tanganle solutions to the quagmire we have found ourselves.

As a ruling party their “Next Level” manifesto should have started from the ground point of achievements and plans to consolidate on the gains made in the past 3.5 years but they chose to blur the failures of this administration and sound more like an opposition party seeking to woo the masses against a failed incumbent.

The Buhari manifesto is simply 14 pages of rabble-rousing and a disgraceful disappointment centered upon social interventions intead of creating an innovation driven economy

The Atiku presidential manifesto dubed “Lets Get Nigeria Working Again” was simply bespoke, very vast in its grasp of the challenges facing this nation and centered upon innovation and doversifying the economy.

My only grouse with the Atiku Plan is the reference to MDG’s.

The Millenium development Goals as I am aware expired by 2015 and was replaced with the SDGs – Sustainable Development Goals that will run through 2030.

I dont know if this was a deliberate attempt to remind us that Nigeria failed in achieving any of the Millenium Development Goals or it is simply a honnest mistake.

Another issue I have with the “Atiku Plan” is that it is too academic. It could simply pass of as a university thesis meant for the academia.

Apart from these grouses, I find the Atiku Plan very enlightening, belivable and achievable.


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