Jibril Of Sudan And The Real Men Controlling Aso Rock

By Jerry King Nwobodo

Many tales abound of a pseudo-human wearing the garb of our beloved president, assuming his posture and ultimately ardoning his looks. 

What a bold assertion that Nigeria is being ruled by an imposter.

Could this be true or is this a fabrication from the pit of hell?

Let us examine the very foundation of this notion. From the begining, Gov. Ayo Fayose has been very vocal as a voice opposed to the government of President Buhari. During Buhari’s one hundred and something days in the UK for medical treatment, Gov. Fayose made a bold statement. He said Buhari was dead and in the mortuary. He even claimed he had picture evidence.

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) aslo claimed that Muhammadu Buhari died in London. He detailed how the some people in an attempt to preserve the northern grip of power, went scouting for a body double. 

Their search landed them in Sudan where the found one Jibrin who fit the body build and physique of president Buhari. He was recruited and worked on by plastic surgeons who created a perfect double for the allegedly late president.

Fast forward a few months later, Buhari made a triumphant return to his country, looking healthy and ready to continue his mandate.

But there was something fishy – the nation was never briefed about the nature of Buhari’s illnes neither were the details of the financial burden the nation had to bear on account of the illness of their beloved president ever divulged. Buhari looked more healthy, had facial hair, could see without glasses and appeared 20 years younger. Even the size of his ears varied in great length from previously.  

While cross section of Nigerians were visibly excited that the King of the jungle was back to his domain, a few people remained skeptical  about the miraculous recovery of president Buhari from what some people refered to as poisonong. 

On the president’s return, he couldn’t access his office as rats had infested his space. Of course when a lion leaves for so long, rats feel so comfortable. But the story many ordinary Nigerians believe is that the president’s finger could not open the electronic door in Aso Rock. Some say the president had to stay away from his presidential office until technicians could recalibrate the electonic door to match the new occupant of Aso Rock. 

There were also reports the Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari was pictured weeping over the assumed death of her husband but many news orgznizations were eirher warned or persuaded against carrying the story.

It is also curious than when Buhari’s son who had a bike accident returned from treatments in Germany, his body language gave out the fact that the man in Buhari’s garb wasn’t his father. While he was emotional upon sighting his mom, he was largely indifferent on signting his supposed father and vice versa. 

Though it sounds like tales by moonlight, it is largely believable and a lore on the streets as many Nigerians have come to believe the story that a man named Jibril from Sudan is occupying the Presidential Villa.

To further compound the situation, a Nigerian diplomat, Habibu Almu, believed to be responsible for contacting Jibril in Sudan was assasinated in Khartoum on orders from Abuja. 

The question on the lips of many is why the government has refused to come clean on the health of the president and how much it cost the nation for his treatment abroad. 

Why was the attachee in Khartoum murdered just about the time he was about to say the truth concerning the Jibrin saga.

Right now many Nigerians are convinced that the occupant of Aso Rock is not the man many people voted for. More questions are being asked but no answer seems to be forth coming.


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