‘Ellipsoid’ – Trailer of Nigerian Indigenous 3D Film Released 

The official trailer of Africa’s first Indigenous Feature-Length 3D animation film, ‘Ellipsoid: The Tales of The Tailas’ has been released today, 30th October 2018.

While speaking about the project, the brain behind ‘Ellipsoid,’ Gbayike Ipoola, said he conceived and started the project in 2013.

Ipoola said he had to keep pushing through all the difficulties along the way in order to get the project completed.

He further said he aims to provide an entertaining and inspiring content that will make viewers laugh and inspire them to live life fully at the same time.

He said:

“This Journey Started in 2013 with nothing but a small laptop. Without massive financing, it is almost impossible to produce a feature-length 3D animation film in Nigeria, in Africa or anywhere else in the world.

“Today we have produced a great story using 3D Animation. We had nothing but a small laptop and the believe that we can do it. We had a strong desire to tell a great story, inspire and entertain the viewers.
“Through thick and thin, years of hard work, Failure, disappointment, persistence and faith, we believe that we will finish it successfully.

“Here we are today with Ellipsoid: The Tales of the Tailas. This movie will get the viewers shaking with laughter and entertain them at the same time.”

The cast of the film includes Justin Keke, Dele Philip, Jibunma James, 

Watch Trailer 


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