The broke clown called Speed Darlington

Far away in New York, USA is a Nigerian taxi driver who has hopes of becoming an accomplished singer and rapper.

Speed Darlington, an attetion seeker who ran away to the United States is such a lousy person trying desperately to woo billionare daughter, DJ Cuppy Otedola. The truth is that the Speedy Darlington is broke and heavy on debt.

According to a source close to the New Yorker, Speedy is owing close to $50,000 and has no means of pating bank. His creditors are on his neck and he is despirate for cash.

Also, the taxi driver is said to be a drug addict who has been battling with heroine addiction for many years long before migrating to the United States.

The singer has a few popular songs to his credit thanks to Instagram and Tunde Ednut but has found it difficult to land a record deal or make money from his songs. For now he still struggles to play for free at gigs organized by Nigerians in New York while he keeps his 133,000 Instagram followers entertained with his loose talk and obscene videos that got his IG page suspended.


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