Revealed: Video of Kano State governor Ganduje collecting bribe not cloned

The Kano state government denied that the viral video depicting Gov. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje collecting bribe amounting to $5 miliion from a contractor is fake.

The governor is alleged to be recieving 15 to 25% kickbacks from cotractors in the state. 

How can they say that. This video is not fake. An analysis of the video frames reveal that the clip is authentic and real. There is no superimposition whatsoever of any sort in the video as the person in the video is really the governor of Kano state.  

Earlier the Kano state commissioner for information, Muhammad Garba had denied that the video was cloned and onmy an attempt to blackmail the governor. (Remember you only blackmail someone who has comitted a crime with the evidence of his crime). He said: 

“We wish to state that there is no iota of truth to these allegations and if indeed there is any such alleged video, it is at best cloned.

“The government of Kano state is taking this matter seriously, and will exploit every appropriate and legal avenue to ensure that it gets to the root of the matter and the perpetrators are brought to book.”

Watch Video: Kano State governor Abdullahi Ganduje recieving bribe from a contractor


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