Alex Asogwa signs endorsement deal with Jenesis Colony

Big brother Naija season 3 finalist Alex Asogwa has signed another endorsement deal.

The reality TV star who recently became the first BBNaija contestant to reach 1 million followers on Instagram signed an endoresement deal with real estate company, Jenesis Colony.

This was announced via Instagram.

Alex Asogwa posted:

“Naomad Agency @naomadagency proudly announces the endorsement deal between Jenesis Colony @jenesiscolony1 and Alex Asogwa @alex_unusual. 

The Jenesis Colony team chose Alex because of her love for positively motivating Youths and promoting the need for a better life and standard of living. Jenesis Colony’s aim is making house ownership available to those who never thought of owning one at affordable prices and to be one of the best Real Estate Solution providers in the world. They aim to provide homes for all classes of people with quality infrastructure of acceptable international standards with innovative and cost effective solutions. Just like Alex, Jenesis Colony is unique and unusual. #JenesisColony #AlexUnusual #TeamAlexUnusual #NaomadTalentManagementAgency.”

In welcoming Alex as a brand ambassador, Jenesis Colony posted on Instagram:

“Welcome @alex_unusual to Jenesis Colony. Let’s do unusual things together. #TeamAlex remember the future is now. Invest in real estate to secure your future. #BestTeam #landlords #realestate #property #unusual #lagos #apartments #instalments #Ibejulekki #Epe.”


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