UK to Apppont First-Ever Suicide Prevention Minister

A Minister for Suicide Prevention will be appointed as part of a landmark effort by the Prime Minister to tackle the UK’s mental health crisis.

Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price

The United Kingdom will be having a Minister of Suicide Prevention as part of efforts to combat the rising mental crisis in the Kingdom.

To mark World Mental Health Day, Prime Minister Theresa May will announce the appointment of Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price as the first-ever suicide prevention minister. This would be during the annual ‘state of the nation’ report on young people’s mental health. 

The PM will also be pledging a return to her fight to tackle “burning injustices” and hand the Samaritans £1.8m to remain a free 24-hour service for four years. 

The new minister-of suicide prevention will lead a taskforce of national and local government, self-harm charities, clinicians and those personally affected by suicide to drive forward a mental health strategy. 

She will also ensure every local area has a suicide prevention plan in place, and look at how technology can be used to identify those most at risk.


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