Nigerian feminist in trouble for selling a rape video online

Nicki Ojiulor/Facebook

These are not the best of times for Nigerian aviation student Nicki Ojiulor who has been accused of selling a rape video on the internet.

The Universal School of Aviation student came under serious scrutiny after she was accused of allegedly selling a rape video to someone who then contacted her school. This has raised serious reactions from the public and also the disciplinary panel of the school.

Nicki Ojiulor was summoned by the disciplinary panel based on the reactions of the public and a girl who raised concerns that Nicki Ojiulor was involved in selling the video. 

The panel released a statement which reads;

Good morning all,
The attention of the management has been called to a video circulating the social media which is been shared by a cabin crew student of our great institution.
We wish to assure the entire public that she has been summoned to the school disciplinary panel, which will hold on Monday and to reinstate that we will not condone any act of indiscipline of this nature.
We also wish to notify the entire public that we will be willing to corporate with necessary agencies to curb act of this nature.

After the video went viral, Nicki Ojiulor a self acclaimed feminist spoke against the dangers of rape and the adverse effects it has on the victim and asked for ways which the issue can be curbed in our society but some members of the public interpreted it as making fun of the victim’s vagina.

After the accusation, the post has been removed from Facebook and according to Nicki this is the highest form of cyber bullying as all as attention is on her while the rapist is still roaming the streets.


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