Chimamanda Adichie is an extremist – Eunice Aluejide

Presidential aspirant and founder of National Interest Party, Eunice Atuejide in an Interview With Cool FM’s Daddy Freeze  refered to Nigerian writer and world acclaimed feminist, Chimamanda Adichie as an extremist.

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In the interview, Mrs. Aluejide warned ladies against adhering  to Chimamnda’s feminists saying it will hurt them rather than help.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie reads from one of her novels during the Washington Ideas Forum in Washington, D.C., in September. (Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

 “I think she [Chimamanda Adichie] is an extremist and sometimes, I do think she is misleading alot of our girls…”

“There are very few times when I actuamly agree with her. I hope our women are not taking on too much of the things she is saying because some of them will turn around and bite them in the burns.”


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