Boss in confusion as househelp absconds with over N1.7million one week after starting work  

A family in Asaba, Delta State has been thrown into confusion after a male househelp who they employed for only one week has disappeared with a whooping sum of  about 1.7million  naira.

Sharing the story of what transpired, his boss identified as Madam Ezenwa .J. took to Instagram to say how her employe, on Mr. Gabriel Boniface stole her money and disappeared into thin air.

She wrote:

On the 24th of September 2018, this man started working as a steward in my house in Asaba. On Saturday the 29th of September 2018 I just left my house for 10 minutes to drop my husband at his office which wasn’t far from home’.

“I returned home and couldn’t find the steward Mr Gabriel Boniface, I asked my gate man and he told me Gabriel said he was going to the market to buy a CD player. I was shocked because he just got to Asaba few days ago and wouldn’t know his way around. I called his phone several times he didn’t pick up, I wasn’t comfortable so I went to his room.

His bag wasn’t in the room and I quickly ran to my room to check if everything was intact but my fear came alive as I couldn’t find the money that was kept in my drawer (4000 US dollars and 300k Naira) the money my husband was supposed to travel to China with. I have reported to the police in Asaba and they are out there looking for him.

Please anyone that has seen him or knows Mr Gabriel Boniface should please report him to the nearest police station and please call 0814 656 0570 I went on Facebook to search for his name and I was able to find him there and got his pictures. Bobo Gabriel on Facebook and his Ig handle is @gabrielboniface1014 he has a sister called Ebu Theresa on Facebook and ig too.

Please help us track this thief in the name of a steward down before he commits same crime again. He is a criminal and should be caught”.


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