Hope for Nigeria as it turns 58

Nigeria popularly known as the Giant of Africa is celebrating her 58th independence from the colonial rule of the British. The country which is currently under the leadership of Muhammadu Buhari has experienced a lot of setbacks and minimal growth.

The issue of insecurity is gradually ravaging the peace and growth of the country as in recent months the Fulani and farmers clash leading to the death of hundreds of people and the displacement of families from their community is still yet to be handled properly as citizens wonder the means of acquisition of weapons by the herdsmen. As time progresses, we discover that the life of a cow is worth more than the life of an individual seeing that our military which is the strongest and 4th best in Africa cannot defend the people, What an irony.

The most pertinent question in the heart of everyone is ‘What is the next step or way forward?’ In spite of insecurity and the country’s economy growing at a slow rate, a lot still needs to be achieved in ensuring that the country moves and truly become independent from external influence and this can be done with restructuring. It is important to know that eventhough debates have arose on this topic, we will not amount to anything if this subject is not given full consideration.

What is restructuring?
The economic stress and political uncertainty in Nigeria together with multiple localized violent conflicts have reignited debates in the country on how power and resources are shared and managed across the federation. This has caused contention on the need to restructure the country and properly share resources that will aid in our growth and development in our local, state and federal levels and also in all sectors in the country such as agriculture, security, economy, education, health, transportation etc.
Now what then is restructuring?
It means to change the way something is organized in order to make it work more effectively. It could also mean bringing about a drastic and internal fundamental change that alters the relationship between components or elements of an organization and system.

In restructuring, there should be devolution of powers to the extent that more responsibilities be given to the state while the federal government is vested with the responsibility to oversee her foreign policy, defense and economy. To achieve this, the constitution should be restructured so as to accommodate new thoughts that will strengthen our nationality.

With this in mind all levels in the federation will inject resources and enough labour force to ensure that they achieve more in their various fields allocated to them and this will in turn lead to a cumulative growth in the country as we all generate new ideas and initiatives to help in our developmental growth.

This must first begin from our mindset as every citizen strive to add something good to the nation wherever we find ourselves. This is more than criticizing the incumbent government of not achieving much but a wakeup call to every citizen of this great nation that if we change our mindset from receiving from the government and society and find ways of giving back to the society we would achieve more. Even though we might not have achieved more based on our population, economy and human, material and natural resources, we have sure better than most countries in Africa and the world. Everyone should be involved in the development of this great nation and not left alone for our leaders, with this, it might not be sudden but gradually this country will become a country of our dreams.

As 2019 draws nigh, let us all stand up with one voice and heart choose good leaders that will aid in bringing our dream country to fruition.

I will end with this poem by Kolade Kabir .

This is Nigeria

This is our country yard,
an independent country under self-colonization
where python do the dancing while the people cry for the souls they lost
this is our fatherland
where blood of the citizens is the water that irrigate the dry land of the north
all we’ve got to show is political corniness with a crawling economic and physical development.

Long live Nigeria!
Happy Independence!!!


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