Nigerian mum releases nude photos of her husband’s sidechic

Olori Ajoke and Tobby Pearl have recently become trending topics on Twitter following a mild family fiasco involving nude photos of a side chil leaking online. 

It appears Pearl, the side chik to Olori’s husband sent nudes photos to her boo but the photos were unfortunately intercepted by his wife – Olori.

Tobby Pearl had in the past boasted tbzt she “doesn’t do married men”. But here were are. 🤷🤷🤷

Olori Ajoke, the wife was aware of the affair between her husband and Sidechik Tobby but chose to be  quiet about it all the while until Tobby came to her tweets to begin dropping subliminal tweets. Olori Ajoke shared a tweet where she said that real women stick to one man. The bold sidechik replied that the real women’s me’are dating other girls. 

This must have angered the Olori who released photos of her husband’s sidechik online. View photos here.



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