G1 of Drahit Show: A Masked Entrepreneur Changing the Landscape of Entertainment in Nigeria

G1, CEO Drahit Empire Records

At the heart of Drahit Empire Records is Mr. G1, an astute businessman with a flair for entertainment who has shouldered the burden of discovering and grooming young talents. 

G1, CEO Drahit Empire Records

Mr. G1, unique for his beautifuly crafted masks has taken upon himself the mandate to help the multitude of young up coming music artists in Nigeria’s South East to get into limelight and live their dreams. His passion drove him to founding Drahit Empire Records in 2009. 

Drahit Empire Records logo

Over the years G1 has succeeded in grooming many artists into bug stars. He has worked with big artists like Phyno, Runtown, Real McCoy and many others. G1 is currently promoting the fast rising  Highlife star, the young and very talented Mr. Rhymes who has become a household name in the South East with his hit tracks ‘Omalugo,’ ‘Ije Love,’Amen‘ and ‘Akubata.’

G1, CEO Drahit Empire Records

As a means of achieving his mandate, G1 has started the Drahit Show on Solid 100.9 FM Enugu. The show which also features OAPs Beta Pikin and Bona Naija airs across the south East every Saturday from 6:15pm to 7:00pm.

Drahit Show

The show showcases the abundant musical talents that abound in Nigeria. These aspiring singers usually lack the financial war chest to pay radio stations to play their songs  but on the Drahit Show, these artists get the much needed platfom for their songs to be heard on the airwaves. They also get a lifetime opportunity as being live guests on the show, answering questions from the OAPs G1, Beta Pikin and Bona Naija as well as interacting with live callers on the show. 

G1, CEO Drahit Empire Records

Apart from being a music show,  the Drahit Show is also very entertaininng with celebrity gossip, latest entertainment news, music, events coverage and lots of juicy gists.  It embarks on periodic campus  tours across university, polytechnics and  other higher institutions  through which music, comedy,  dance, makeup fashion and acting talents are discovered and nutured.

The Drahit Show has so far gained acceptance across Southeastern Nigeria and beyond as everyone who loves music, comedy,  and entertainment in general wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun.  



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