Toke Makinwa buys N260 million mansion in Banana Island 

Radio personality, Toke Makinwa has bought a mansion in Banana Island. 

The beautiful socialite is said to have paid 260 million naira for the house that is located just beside Linda Ikeji’s Banana Island home. 

According to an insider as revealed by SDK,  Toke is not going public about the purchase because she’s not yet through with documentation.  ”I don’t know how she will do it but once the documentation is through,I am sure she will look for away to announce her blessing,the way they all do in the entertainment industry.”

The source said:

“The Beauty I am referring to?Recently bashed for uplifting her boobs,hips,back yansh and tummy..If you do not understand English very well,you can arrive at her name like this…Take ↠ Taking ↠ Tooked ↠ Toke”

Source also said that the house has been fully paid for. 

What’s raising eyebrows among fans is that Toke’s earnings put together is a far cry from 260 million naira. So how did she pull this off. Her book hardly sold enough copies and her unverified earnings from betting can barely buy a house in Mowe/Ibafo… 😂 😂 😂 

Toke Makinwa must have had help… A man must be involved… Another case of ‘small girl with big God.’ Xoxo. 


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