Workers machete boss to death in Ogun

A 28 year old farmer, Adeleke Adewusi, has been allegedly hacked to death by his workers at his farm in Alapa community in the state.

According to Punch, the two accused workers were allegedly hired by a resident of the community identified simply as Ola Sheu to kill their boss whom he was having a running battle with.

It was learnt that the deceased was applying pesticides on his cocoa farm, said to be about one acre, when one of the workers, Femi, suddenly descended on him with a machete. In an attempt to get help for the deep cut he sustained, Adeleke reportedly ran to the second worker identified as Kehinde who also allegedly brought out a machete and joined in the attack. The suspects then fled the scene after they confirmed him dead.

A relative of the deceased, Bisola Adewusi, said members of the vigilante group in the area, apprehended one of the workers while he was running away from the scene with bloodstains on his shirt.


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