Kidnapper who overdosed on tramadol is dead

You remember the suspected kidnapper who attempted to kidnap a pharmacist in Owo, Ondo State but slept off after allegedly injesting an overdose of tramadol? He is dead! 

That  police had paraded a sleeping man who was said to have allegedly overdosed on tramadol. The young man was still asleep six days after he was arrested. 

Found in his possession were 400 mg tablet of tramadol and a locally made gun. 

According to the police, the suspect who was being adminisitered with drip in a hospital when he died would sometimes wake up and bark like a dog.  

One wouldn’t be sure if he really died of tramadol overdose or he died of any other ailment. It is also not clear what the conditions of his arrest were as he was too asleep to be interogatted or to tell his own side of the story. 

However, the Nigerian police should be condemned for parading a suspect who was urgently  in need of medical attention. The police was more interested in getting the attention of the media and making bizzare headlines instead of saving the life of the suspect and cracking the case. 

Now that the suspect is dead, how can the police trail the other kidnappers who allegedly escaped from the scene of the crime? How can the identity of the suspect be known?  How can we be sure that he wasn’t injected with an overdose of trmadol by the pharmacist who he came to kidnap or by the police themselves?  Are we really sure he is a kidnapper or just a victim of circumstances? 

Technically, the case has grown cold with many unanswered questions simply because the police chose to be negligent and play to the gallery.  


Jerry King Nwobodo 


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