Arsenal Player Alex Iwobi Makes Nollywood Debut, Stars in a New Movie 

Arsenal and Super Eagles player, Alex Iwobi, is making his first appearance in a yet to be released Nollywood movie.

According to online sources, Iwobi took acting lessons to prepare himself for this movie role. 

The movie which is said to be an action thriller feature Iwobi as a heroic character. 

Although fans are slightly disturbed that taking up a movie role would disturb Iwobi’s performance in the new EPL season, it was gathered that the produvers have wounded up shooting and are in the final stages of post production.

The movie titled “Trailed” sees  Iwobi perfoming some stunts with a a stunt double.

Here’s what insiders had to say concerning the decision to keep the movie a secret: “Iwobi is a very simple guy. He wanted to work on the project away from the public eye so he would have enough time to focus on making his major acting debut a great one. He likes to dedicate himself wholly to any project he does and this was no different”.

The movie will be out in cinemas soon. 


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