Panic grips Presidency as Saraki dumps APC

The defection of Senate President Bukola Saraki from APC to PDP didn’t come as a surprise to many. Infact many saw the handwriting boldly writien on the wall but could not be sure that Nigeria’s number 3 man could muster the courage to  dump the rulling party. 

The Presidency and the party leadership were rest assured that they had put the political genius in check but still feared for the worst. They had tried to tame him with numerous persecutions including an enlogated CCT trial, frivolous robbery accusation, police intimidation and an attempt to impeach him. But all these gimicks couldn’t keep the Senate President in a party that appears to have lost its bearing. 

Last night, the unthinkable happened, Nigeria’s Senate President announced his defection from the rulling party APC to the opposition PDP. He wrote on Twitter:

I wish to inform Nigerians that, after extensive consultations, I have decided to take my leave of the All Progressives Congress (APC).   

For the first time in Nigeria’s 19 years of uninterrupted democracy, the opposition party controls the apex legislative chamber. What would happen next is left for speculation but there’s no doubt that the APC is still in shock. Silence has greeted this recent  development as they are seem beferft of  lies to cook up against the number 3 citizen.   

This singular move distorts the political pamutations  to a great deal and hampers President Buhari’s chances of returning in 2019 to a great deal. But the last is yet to be heard as it concerns defections, as the APC is expected to experience a mass exodus in the month of August.  But as they say time shall tell. 


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