The Cat With Nine Lives: How Saraki Narrowly Escaped Impeachment Plot

At the break of dawn, the enemies of Nigeria’s democracy had perfected their plot to tame the lion. They had decided to impeach the sitting Senate President and install Senator Ahmed Lawal, a loyal ally to President Buhari as the new leader of the National Assembly. 

In their carefully scripted plot, the Inspector General of police would ignite the flame. The IG had hurriedly drafted a letter of invitation to the Senate President asking him to submit himself to investigations at the Intelligence Response Team (IRT) Abuja by 8:00 am to answer for the alleged part he played in the Offa robbery incident of April 5. 

While the Senate President’s convoy was exiting his Apo residence, security agents stationed at the entrance waited to prevent him from arriving at the National Assembly this morning. The same was done at the residence of the deputy senate president as security agents also laid siege at his official residence.  This plan  was earnestly arranged in other to perfect the impeachment of the Senate President. But unknown  to the evil coup plotters, the Senate President got wind of their plot earlier. They had secretly collected signatures in order to perfect the impeachment of the Senate President. 

Saraki ditched his official vehicles and arrived the National Assembly complex early this morning in a rickety private vehicle. He reportedly drove himself.  

As the Senate President arrived the National Assembly today,  the coup plotters were stunned as their plan had failed. Instead of an absentee impeachment at plenary as planned, 15 APC senators dumped the rulling party and joined the opposition PDP. This in effect crumbled the control of the APC in the Senate and positioned the opposition party to successfully initiate an impeachment process against the president.

Also,  the Senate President is expected to announce his defection to the opposition PDP this week.

Senate plenary was also adjourned till September 25.


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