APC Chairman Adams Oshiomhole Says Defectors Have No Electoral Value

The Chairman of the All Progressive Party APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has reacted to the mass defections from the party after 15 high ranking senators and 37 House of Representatives members defected from the party. 

The Chairman insisted that he will not lose sleep over the defectors while maintaining that those who defected lacked electoral value. 

Following the development, Adams Oshiomhole held a closed door meeting with President Buhari after emerging from the meeting, he said:

“I insist that I will not miss a sleep one minute over mechinary activities. I have said and I want to repeat, this business of governance must be driven by men and women of honour.

“If the only motivation is personal interest, what is the need for me, what have I gained, if that is the basis, the earlier for those in this business for personal gain return to where they belong, the better.

“The party that I am privileged to chair is not worried at all, we are not disturbed, I am not going to miss my sleep.

“Go to the campaign, check the electoral results you will find that a lot of those who claimed to have decamped on a good day, the votes they got that made them members of the senate, our President got much more votes in their constituencies. So, we are not fooled at all.

“The thing going on is that we have a lot of so-called big masquerades with very little or no electoral value.”


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