Lessons From Agege Rail Accident: How Hanging on a Moving Train Could be VERY Dangerous

The train  accident that claimed about nine lives in Agege, Lagos on Friday July 21 is not the first of its kind. 

By Jerry King Nwobodo @JerryDKingTP

It definitely won’t be the last but the fatalities from such freak accidents could definitely be avoided. 

I’ve personally observed people hanging onto such moving speed trains in Lagos and it is a sorry sight to behold. People holding on to metal as the train moves at an average speed of 60km/h and exposing themselves to the elements – rain, sunshine, winds and avoidable accidents. Isn’t this the foolishness of a black man at work here? 

A fast moving train slammed onto a commercial bus known as “danfo” parked by the rail line and its derailment caused the people hanging onto the train to be thrown away at such supersonic speed.  Nine people were killed  instantly. 

People should stop hangng onto  trains no matter what their economic situation might be. I even heard that a man who died on one of such accidents had 20,000 naira in his wallet. Such a shame!  It is dangerous and should be discouraged. I think the Lagos state government should look for a better means of discouraging people from handing onto moving trains so as to prevent a reoccurence of such misfortune.

Also, I see no reason why rampaging youths went about burning everything in their way. houses, kiosks, buses etc. It just didn’t add up. This is pure criminality as there is no correlation between the accident and the wanthom destruction of property. 

Anyway the greatest take away from this piece is quite simple: Lagosians should stop hanging on moving trains.


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