Nasir El Rufai: The Kneeling Governor

Why is he always on his knees?

by Jerry King Nwobodo @JerryDKingTP

Nasir El Rufai has become famous for his kneeling posture whenever he is greeting president Buhari. 

Is he simply playing to the gallery or does he truly honour president Buhari?  We don’t know, maybe time will tell.  

The Kaduna governors style of greeting Nigeria’s number one citizen, Muhammadu Buhari may mean that:

El Rufai adores president Buhari so much that he just falls to his knees wherever he spots his boss. 

El Rufai might be hiding under the guise of kneeling down to prevent people from noticing his height. Yes, the man is short. VERY SHORT. Someone once described him as “being too close to the ground…” And you know Buhari is a very tall (and handsome) man while Mallam El is cleaely the opposite. 

So the next tome you see El Rufai kneel down in publish,  don’t shout or yell. The man is only protecting his garri. 


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