Idoko Joephat Esomchi Suicide: The Real Story – How Travel Scam Led to Depression and Suicide 

A young UNN graduate, Idoko Joephat Esomchi committed suicide by drinking poison after he was scammed $2,000 by a travel agent. 

by Jerry King Nwobodo @JerryDKingTP

Mr Idoko, from Enugu Ezike in Enugu State and  a graduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka had paid a travel agent $2,000 to process his travel daocimets. The agent  promised Idoko a six months visa with  three years resident permit but was scammed. He only got a two weeks visa. 

Idoko had no choice but to travel to Astana, Khazakstan to seek for greener pastures with a two week visa. 

It has been gathered that when Idoko reached Kazakhstan, he got a job as a car wash. He latter left the car wash job for a teaching job because of the very little pay. With the teaching job, he got a free appartment but couldn’t secure a resident permit because his visa had expired. Idoko worked for the school without payment. He was now jobless and homeless. 

Through the assistance of a friend,  he got a place where he could lay his head. His friend wanted to return to Nigeria and leave him behind in Khazakstan but Idoko didn’t want to stay back so he joined his friend to return to Nigeria. 

They landed in Lagos but Idoko didn’t want to face the shame of returning with nothing to show so his friend arranged for a person who he could squat with in Abuja. 

Depression set in and Idoko Esomchi couldn’t take it anymore. He couldn’t face his friends, family and daughter. He couldn’t face the world.  It was in the house where he squatted that Idoko drank poison and killed himself. 

He survived by a baby mama and a daughter. 


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