For the ‘Slay Queens’: Would you have dated a hustling Aliko Dangote 30 years ago?

Have you heard of the Dangote Paradox of Dating: The Material Girl & Simple Girl Conflict?

Its a funny random idea. Here it goes:

Material girl who likes money says her ideal man is Alhaji Aliko Dangote (obviously for his billions.)

However Dangote is married so he is already taken.

Material Girl dreams of Dangote but it is only a dream.

If Material Girl had met Dangote 30 years ago when he was still a young man in his 20s she would not have found him attractive because he was’nt super rich yet.

He was just what we would call a Hardworking Young Man.

As Material Girl is dreaming about Alhaji Dangote, there are thousands of Hardworking young men around her who are young Dangotes in the making.

But since they are young (late 20s and early 30s) and their name is not in the news yet, she doesnt fancy them.

Simple girl sees Hardworking Young Man with good work ethic and amibition. (Not Nairabet gang or yahoo yahoo)

Simple girl marries young man and they both work hard to build their home, family and careers.

Young man becomes Dangote in his late 40 through hardwork and making good business decisions.

Simple girl is already Dangotes wife and is now super rich. (and with gender equality hopefully she has her own billions too)

Meanwhile Material Girl married Yahoo Yahoo gang because he had money and was a big spender.

Yahoo yahoo business stops paying (or he gets caught like Evans.)

Material girl is now married to broke man or exconvict in her 40s.

*This is only a theory and is meant for academic purposes.

But if you look closely, rich men’s wives are often very simple people. Google Melinda Gates, Mrs. Bezos, Chan-Zukerberg, etc.

Date wisely.

Have a great day.

Teniola Esan


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