#SexTourism: Man beats Berger to Ajah says “I have travelled to Abuja, Ekiti and Asaba for sex”

by Jerry King Nwobodo @JerryDKingTP
  • “Berger to Ajah” has been one of the hottest topics on Nigerian Twitter. 

For those not conversant with Lagos, these two places (Berger and Ajah) are the farthest of places anyone can think of. it could best be described as crossing seven mountains and seven seas. 

The “Berger to Ajah” trend started when a girl shared an experience her friend had when she travelled from Berger to Ajah both in Lagos to meet a guy she met on Twitter. It turned out that the guy did not touch the lady yet he was accused of rape. 

This created a of buzz as Nigerians began to bash ladies who travel long distances just for sex. 

A Twitter  user with the handle @Chydee has upset the balance with his shoking revelation.  The focus had been in women but this might tilt the search light on the male folk as guys actually be travel longer distances just for sex.  

@Chydee tweeted: “I have traveled to Abuja, Ekiti and Asaba for sex sha. Strictly for sex, not business or work or anything. Chai.”

One word for this guy. 

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