Saudi TV presenter under investigation for indicent exposure after wind blows open her robe

Shereen al-Rifaie is under scrutiny after her robe was blown open by the wind while presenting on TV.

The General Commission for Audiovisual Media announced that an investigation had commenced  after a video circulated on social media showed Shereen al-Rifaie filming a report on Saudi women driving in the kingdom when the wind blew and exposed the trounser she wore underneath. 

In the viral video, Shereen al-Rifaie is wearing a loose scarf with a white abaya, a traditional dress, which was open, showing her trousers and blouse beneath it.

As the investigation commenced, Shereen al-Rifaie who works for Al-Aan TV left the kingdom according to her Snapchat post.The commission has said that the investigations will commence even in her absence.

Saudi Arabia is a conservative Muslim country were women were only allowed to drive on June 24. The kingdom applies strict laws which guides adherence to the tenets of Islam.  


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