Did Mugabe try to kill President Mnangagwa?

Zimbabwean President survives assassination attempt
by Jerry King Nwobodo @JerryDKingTP

President of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnanagagwa on Saturday 23 June survived an assassination attempt as a bomb rocked a xamoaign rally he attended. According to reports, two presidential aides lost their lives in the explosion.

Many Zimbabweans are speculating  that outstered president Robert Mugabe could have been behind the assassination attempt. Possibly because the current president spearheaded the military coup that saw his removal from office last year. Could this be true?

Thank goodness Zimbabwe still has a president.

Mnangagwa was in Bulawayo, an opposition stronghold to campaign for the Zanu-PF in the forthcoming presidential elections holding on July 30. An explosion rocked the rally and was only inches away from the president. Vice-President Kembo Mohadi was injured while the president escaped unhurt.


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