Nigerians blame Onazi as Super Eagles lose 2-1 to England at Wembley Stadium #ENGNGA

Nigeria’s national football team, the Super Eagles lost 2-1 to England at the Wembley stadium and many hands are pointing at midfielder Ogenyi Onazi. 

The African side was sloppy in the first half but regained their footing in the second half. It was however too late as the damage had been done. England had already scored two unreplied goals at the end of the first half. Arsenal striker, Alex Iwobi opened scoring for the super Eagles in the 46th minute but the team could not level up. This is Nigeria’s fist goal against the Three Lions. 

As the team gets set for the Russia World Cup with a friendly game agaonst Croatia just four days away, Nigerians are worried about you he team’s readiness for the World Cup. For today’s match against England, Super Eagles fans have found their scape goat.  Nigerians on Twitter could not spare midfielder Ogenyi Onazi some bashing.

For giving the ball away to quickly,  Onazi got this tweet: 

Dear Onazi, 

Hope all is well. Our jersey is the one with feather.

Regards. 😆😆😆😆

Another Twitter user tweeted: 

Onazi is so bad right now. Did he stop paying his tithes to T.B. Joshua??


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