“Not Too Young To Run” Law Opens New Frontiers For Nigerian Youths

On Thursday, May 31, 2018, President Muhammadu Buhari signed the “Not Too Young” bill into law, making good his promise during his May 29 democracy day broadcast. 

As the much anticipated bill becomes an act of the national assembly,  it creates new opportunities for younger people to vie for political positions in Nigeria.

The new amendment reduces the age limit for one to contest for political offices in Nigeria. For the position of President and House of Senate, an aspirant has to be 35 years, Governorship position is pegged at 35 years  while the age limit to contest for a member of House of Representatives and State House of Assembly stands at 25.

This essentially opens up governance to younger people and ensures youth participation in politics in a nation dominated by a youthful population.

in a rather funny twist, after signing the bill into law,  President Buhari asked Nigerian youths not to take advantage of the bill to run against him for president until after the 2019 elections. He also said the ascent to the bill wasnt the end but the beginning tasking the youths to do more in getting younger people into political offices. 


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