Mohammed Salah doubtful for Egypt at the World Cup after tackle with Sergio Ramos  

For Egyptian winger, Mohammed Salah, it was a moment of dashed hopes after he was ushered out of the UEFA Champions League final tie with Real Madrid. 

Mo Salah was in perfect form and was tipped to help his side win the UEFA Champions League but that was not to be as the player was injured in the 31st minute of the game after a tackle with Sergio Ramos. 

He fell on his shoulder and dislocated it. Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp compared the tackle to wrestling. He said “I know if you say something like that after a game you lost, it sounds like you are a little bit a bad loser but it was, for me, kind of a harsh challenge. It’s like wrestling a little bit and it’s unlucky then that Mo fell on his shoulder.”

The injury not only crashed the hopes of Liverpool to lift the UCL, it Egypt know panic mode as their star player is doubtful for the World Cup that starts in three weeks. 

After preliminary scans, Egypt is hopeful that their player will be for for the World Cup coming up in Russia this June


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