Barnevernet: I want my son back – US woman cries out to Norway’s Child Protective Services 

An American woman is fighting to free  her son from Norway’s Child Protective Services,  Barnevernet. 

Amy Jakobsen Bjørnevåg was relieved of her 19-month-old son, Tyler in 2013 and since then she hasn’t been able to get him back.  She was only allowed periodic visits to her son but the visits were stopped because the authorities felt it was hurting to boy who would cry for days after his mother leaves.  

The Barnevernet say they took Tyler because he weighed 9.6kg instead of10kg. They blamed this on the fact that Amy still breast fed her son. 

The authorities have expressed fears that if Tyler was returned to his mum, who is an American citizen, she will flee with him to America.

In a petition to CitizenGO, the agonized Amy wrote:

On July 23rd, 2013, Norway’s Child Protective Services (Barnevernet) seized my 19-month-old son, Tyler.

They took Tyler away because I was still primarily breastfeeding him. They believed this was not in Tyler’s best interest. Tyler’s doctors told me that my son should weigh 10 kg instead of 9.6 kg. According to growth charts, 9.6 kg is a completely normal weight for a boy Tyler’s age. But Barnevernet thought they knew better than me, and they took Tyler away.

It has been almost five years since they took Tyler away from me. Barnevernet has refused to return Tyler, and they have denied me all parental and visitation rights. The courts fear I will take Tyler back to America if they give him back, since I am an American citizen. A judge even stated that he thought Tyler would have a good childhood if I got him back. Nevertheless, I lost my case because Barnevernet would not have full control over him to ensure that he stayed in Norway. 

Barnevernet’s treatment of my family has been cruel and unjust. Please help me speak out against this.

At first, I was allowed to visit Tyler once a week, then it became once every other week. Now, I am not allowed to see Tyler at all. Barnevernet told me they had to stop our visits because it was too difficult for Tyler to see me and have to leave. He would cry after our meetings because he did not want to leave. This breaks my heart.

My only wish is to have Tyler back. I miss my son every day.

Please sign this petition to Linda Hofstad Helleland, Norway’s newly elected Minister of Children and Equality. I am working with CitizenGO to ask Helleland to look into Tyler’s case and ensure that he is returned to me.

I will never stop fighting for Tyler. With your help, I hope my voice will be heard.

Thank you for your help. I am very grateful for each signature.


Amy Jakobsen Bjørnevåg

To sign Amy’s petition,  click here 


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