Last Facebook post of Joy Ozoemena before she was brutally murdered by her boyfriend 

For Joy Ozoemana an indegene of Ebonyi state, all was well with her relationship. She gushed over her man countless times not knowing what the end might bring. 

She was in love with a man that made her smile and she was happy to become his wife soon. Isaiah Chukwu, a spare parts dealer in Lagos.  They lived together for two years and he just paid her bride price last month. They were going to get married soon, so she thought. 

Unknown to Joy, her boyfriend, Isaiah Chukwu was a very jealous lover. He called her line on Thursday, three days before her death, but another man picked up the phone. 
Sunday night, the beast in her man was unleashed. A knife can be an ordinary kitchen utensil but in the hands of an jealous lover, it can be a lethal weapon – this was so. Dead in the night,  the kitchen utensil was druve into Joy’s back and she slumped. Her head was severed, her body dismembered and put into a dust bin. 

The murderous lover quickly thought of how to dispose the corpse, he wrapped the bin in a sack and dragged it downstairs from their one storey building appartment. It was 4:00am and Mr. Chukwu was headed straight for a refuse dump. Unluckily for he, he was accosted by some suspicious youths who inquired about what the young man was carrying. He initially resisted but his cargo was finally revealed. The angry youths could have lynched him but for the timely intervention of the nearby police post. 

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In a  Facebook post by the deceased younger brother, he bemoans the loss of his sister but suspects her death is a ritual murder. 


My hands keep swaying and freting since yesterday evening each time I tried to articulate my thoughts on this. I can’t just get my words . Since yesterday pictures and videos have been circulating the internet about a young man who murdered his “girlfriend”. She was no longer a girlfriend as her BRIDE PRICE WAS JUST PAID LAST MONTH AND OZOEMENA JUST RETURNED TO LAGOS WITH THE GUY. The deceased lady was my sister from Umuayom , Umuobeye , Nkalaha in Ishielu local goverment area of Ebonyi State where we were both born and brought up .

The last post she made on Facebook was on the 16th of this month with her username , Nina Joy-Seraph. The first child of her parents. . The last time I travelled to the village , I did asked her mother about her and she said she was fine .

My peace has eluded me . I cannot articulate my thought . For a certain lady who is busy peddling the rumour that the deceased (Oz) recked the guy financially and wanted to jilt him , I need to tell you that Oz’s bride price was paid recently and she was brutality killed by the guy for what from every indication was for ritual purpose .. Pray neither you nor your sisters will be a victim of this kind of horror . I can recall how this girl went with her poor mother to work on people’s farms to make ends meet.

She had her secondary education at the only secondary school in our village.

Here are some of Joy’s photos taken from Facebook just days before her death.  


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