Nigerian banks go after doctor who turned hacker 

Many Nigerian banks have expressed their readiness to recruit the services of Canada trained Nigerian doctor who successfully gained access into baking databases to send fake transaction alerts to unsuspecting customers. 

Dr. William Michael, was arrested by the police in Lagos after defrauding a car dealer to the tune of N28 million by generating a fake bank alert after purchasing a Porsche car. 

Dr. Michael claimed that he has the ability hack into any Nigerian bank and  remove up to N1 billion within 67 minutes due to the very porous nature of the Nigerian banking system and their inadequate firewalls. 

Now the banks are after him and want to enlist him in there services after he claimed he can hack into any bank dstsbase in Nigeria. The banks know he is right in his claims and want him to work for them to detect and prevent fraud in the banking system. 

The police are said to be using a milder tone as there are talks for the suspect to get a lesser charge if her restitutes the money stolen and agrees to put his ability into positive use. 


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