Kemi Olunloyo insists that Linda Ikeji is not pregnant: claims she is wearing ‘moon bumps’

Seems we are yet to hear the last of the back and forth between bloggers  Linda Ikeji and Kemi Olunloyo. 

After Kemi alleged that Linda is not pregnant, the latter possed with her bare baby bump to prove to Kemi and the world that she is actually pregnant but it seems that Kemi is not having any of this. Kemi now alleges that Linda ikeji is deceiving the world with a fake pregnancy. She is claiming that Linda Ikeji is wearing moon bumps.

She wrote a lengthy episode to back her claims.  She said:


@officiallindaikeji What’s my business? I’m an entertainment reporter of 10 years out of my 24yrs in journalism. Public figures have no private lives. U blogged gossip about people & that got you on CNN, @hnnamanda even did a post congratulating u. PLS don’t do back and forth with me darling. I specifically closed this topic last nite. Had to open a can of worms


Stop parading your fake bump on SM. Tell ur fans the truth and educate them. This is the only thing I despise about you. You don’t educate them, share knowledge and teach blogging. Like you said to #Charlyboy you want to “have it all” TO YOURSELF abi?

Stop gifting an unborn baby a Bentley. Be discreet with certain things. Most of ur fans have not eaten today. My fans fed me today, I went to the supermarket on Facebook @hnnafrica. I have no money, suffering from a mental illness called #PTSD caused by my wrongful abduction, attempted assassination and imprisonment just for doing my work. On top of that my passport which is directly tied to my job still seized by a federal judge who has not dropped the case on his side because someone “wants to confess.” Linda honey you are a STAR!! and that’s why I promote you, announced your 100k donation to my travel legal fund, called Larry page to drop a volcano on Google Nigeria to reinstate your blog at midnight and even talked to producers at CNN secretly to profile you. I want more #HNNWomenNG to conquer out there. Pathetic lying is a mental disease. You can buy anything today EXCEPT integrity. Sadly most of your fans are illiterates. Many are on my page today laying curses. I won’t curse them back. I’m a daughter of Sango the God of Thunder. Our third Alaafin of Oyo. Struck by lightning twice and I’m still alive, when you lay a curse on me, it goes directly to the one you are fighting for. Linda remember #AngelaOkorie who said I will die soon? Look what Sango did to her. She was almost killed on her birthday by armed robbers. Call your fans to order. This mental disorder I’m battling does something unusual to me. It makes me spill too much truth. I need to get away from Nigeria soon. God Bless”

What is a moon bump

A moon bump is a  silicon body suit that can be attached to the belly of a woman to make her look pregnant. It costs about $380. Moon bumps are usually used by women who want to adopt a baby or are having a baby via a surrogate. Giving them the feeling of pregnancy and helping in bonding with the baby when it finally arrives.  It is usually very difficult to detect moon bump and it actually looks like a real and natural baby bump. 

Could it be that Linda Ikeji is wearing a so-called moon bump? 


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