Santa Fe victim Shana Fisher turned down shooter’s romantic advances a week earlier

One of the ten victims of the Santa Fe shooting, Shana Fisher turned down the shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis a week earlier before the shooting. 

The family told CNN that their daughter had embarrassed Dimitrios Pagourtzi a week ago telling him she would not go out with him. The shooter may have targeted the victim particularly for rejected his romantic advances. 

It is reported that Shana Fisher , 16, of the Santa Fe High School shooting on May 19,  denied his romantic advances more than once. The suspect in the murder of ten victims including Shana, was making romantic  advances for months before the shooting occurred with the latest one happening just one week before the deadly attack. According to Shana’s mother, Sadie Rodriguez . “He continued to get more aggressive,” Sadie told The Associated Press, according to ABC 7 . “She finally stood up to him and embarrassed him.” This hints to what may have caused the shooting as no motive had been identified yet. 


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