#BBNaija: Did Miracle dump Nina after the show ended?

During the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, the love between Miracle and Nina melted hearts and won so many people to their side. Their on-off relationship kept them on the lips of Nigerians until the end of the show. 

At the end of the show  Miracle won the N45 million prize and many people expected their relationship to blossom as Nina had also revealed that the had sex a number of times on the show.  But after the show, it seems like the Mina ship has hit the rocks. Unlike Tolex, we don’t get to see Miracle and and Nina spending quality time together – at least on social media.
A self acclaimed insider who warned Nina to use her head had claimed that Miracle and his family hate the hell out of her right now. The insider claims that Nina was simply used as a pawn in the Miracle  game plan and dumped after she outlived her purpose. 

We remember that Naija interview where Dee One said that Miracle was simply using Nina? 

We hope all this can be thrown away as mere speculation and their relationship blossoms into something magical. 


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