Can the Nigerian police really deny the IGP’s #Transmission video? 

The recent goof by the IGP has raised some questions about the credibility of his appointment, his qualifications and how he became Inspector General of the Nigerian Police Force.  

Be rose quickly through the ranks. How did a man who was a commissioner of police in 2015 become the Inspector General in 2016?

Maybe the president choose him because of the good job he as commissioner of police in Kano during the 2015 general elections.

A statement by the police force seem to discredit the video in which the inspector General keeps mentioning the word “transmission,” like someone under a spell.  They call it a manipulated video. Isn’t it proper to release the original video of the one in circulation is fake? Maybe there is a connection between this video and the IGP’s refusal to honour parliamentary summons.  We may never know. 

We are still watching. 

Watch the video of IGP Idris making a speech in which he continues pronouncing “transmission… transmission…”


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