Flavour’s babymama Anna Banner advices slay queens living fake lives on Instagram

Slay queens in Nigeria have taken to Instagram to flaunt their slayness. Brandishing expensive handbags, vocations abroad, shoes and designers clothing. But unknown to many, these suposesd rich slay queen’s live a fake life. Living on borrowed clothing, designer shoes, handbags, tagging along with rich guys on trips abroad, showing off 5-star hotels and even flaunting borrowed clothes. Recently an instagram slay queen was caught fetching water in a ghetto neighborhood. She took to her heels when she found out that her game was up. 

Flavour’s babymama took out some time to address this menace of ‘fake it till you make it.’ The ex beauty queen has a word of advice for so called slay queens who only want to appear rich instead of working hard for the money. 

The new land of make believe is INSTAGRAM.” She begins. 

“Dear young ones,” she continues. “Please don’t be deceived. Take your time! No pressure. Your lives will turn out amazingly beautiful I promise. Do not wear a happy mask or a luxury mask on SM! Be happy in real life P.S. if anyone tells you “fake it till you make it girl…” gently walk away from them. They will destroy you. Have a beautiful day.”

She ends with the words:”Be you❤️.”



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