Femi Otedola [@realFemiOtedola] Warns About Fake Twitter Accounts

Impersonators of Femi Otedola’s Twitter account @realFemiOtedola have found a perfect way of going undetected. The impersonators smartly swapped the letter “L” in “real” with capital letter “I” to form the first fake account and swapped and the “L” in “otedola” with capital letter “I” to form a second derivative. The alarm was raised by the billionaire businessman via his Twitter account. 

The real account and the fake ones look just the same but the real account has over 30,000 followers. 

They even have similar tweets

The billionaire businessman  tweeted: “Please beware of impersonators that may try to leverage on my profile. My handle is @realFemiOtedola using the small letter for “L” in real. I just blocked an impersonator that used the capital letter for “i” in real which, when put side by side, look identical. Please beware.” 

Impersonators can go very far in perfecting their craft.  

The fake Otedola twitter account also tweeted that he will be giving our $1000 to 5000 Nigerian youths engaged in small scaled businesses. 


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